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Sunday, January 16, 2011

And the world's greatest threat to scientific understanding is... Oprah?!

On paper, I should be an Oprah fan; she's intelligent, liberal and very outspoken. She has, to her credit, raised issues which other shows did not at the time, though albeit on a tabloid talk show - But exposure is after all exposure, even if it is aimed at the daytime TV demograph; housewives, bored students, household pets who have figured out how to use the remote and if certain Disney movies are to be believed, toys that have gained sentience and come to life when their owners are out. But despite all this, I feel my blood boil each time Oprah appears on the little box in my living room. I've even been known to yell at the little box when she says certain things in a seemingly irrational manner that would convince any passing anthropologist I was from one of those remote tribes who had never seen a TV before and believed that someone was trapped inside it. Yes, I do come off that crazy at times. For those of you lucky enough to not know me personally, I'll clarify that blood boiling sensation is not motivated by an irrational fear response to differing levels of melanin. Nor is it because I am intimidated by her having one X chromosome up on me. The truth of the matter is I dislike Oprah because of her repeated scientific and medical garbage.

Tom always asked for Oprah's medical advice when he needed a laugh...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A hard pill to swallow - Irish youth & date rape drugs

Drink spiking is a terrifying concept every young person will be familiar with; the importance of watching your drink and guarding it closely has been rammed home, lest some ill intentioned individual adds their drugs to our drugs for nefarious purpose. This in itself is a deeply uncomfortable thought, and quite understandably drives people to panic. Everyone knows someone with a drink spiking story, a cautionary tale of some creepy individual lacing an innocent drink with some illicit substance, rendering the victim helpless. From the sheer amount of anecdotal warnings and horror stories, it seems like the threat of spiking is real, high and ever increasing. The message seems clear; if you want to protect yourself from date rape, you'll watch your drink.

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